Your Carpet vs Color Loss

Hi All,

Many people have issues with their carpets and color loss, so I’m hoping that these tips and tricks will help to prolong your carpet’s color. Just like any colored fabric, carpet can fade if not cared for proplerly.

Keep out of the sun! We all love the sun, and bright sunny rooms, but our carpets certainly don’t. When you’re not in the room, pull the shades closed.

Keep hands and feet clean! Certain chemicals and products that we may handle regularly can stain our carpets. Bleach, acne medications, and nail polish remover, just to name a few. So make sure hands are clean, and socks are worn.

Treat pet stains immediately! Not only do Max and Fluffy’s accidents smell, they can stain and leave permanent color loss. Clean it up as soon as possible.

Call the Professionals! Many stains on carpet become color loss situations when consumer products are used incorrectly. These products can “burn” or destroy carpet fibers. Certain stains require a specific treatments and using the wrong chemical can permanently “set” the stain.

So if you have some spots on your carpet that you are concerned with, give us call today.