Fall has Arrived!

Fall has certainly made its entrance, its quite the chilly day here in Wilbraham. I hope you all are keeping warm as the weather starts to cool down.

Be sure to vacuum your carpets regularly, those falling leaves can bring in a lot of dirt and pollen and leave them in your carpets. Having any dirt in the carpet fibers leads to wearing and fading of the color. Having any pollen in the carpet, well if you are like me, leads to a lot of extra sneezing.

Of course, with Fall being here everyone is enjoying pumpkin flavored coffee, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, apple pie, apple cider, apple crisp, well you get the point…

But this time of year is the best time to get ready for what’s to come… Yes I know, its the dreaded word: SNOW!

So here are the first 3 of 6 things we can all do around the house to get ready for the season of cold:

1. Insulate Outlets and Switches. You may think your house is sealed up pretty tight, but electrical outlets and light switches are two places where heat can escape (and cold air can get in!). Purchase foam switch and outlet gaskets from your local hardware store. Unscrew the cover, press the foam in place, and replace the cover. Insert plastic childproof shock guards to stop even smaller drafts from entering unused outlets.

2. Change your air filter. The air filter in your air return duct helps keep the air in your home clean by reducing the dust, pollen, and other debris that may be floating around your air ducts. Be sure to replace (or wash thoroughly, if you have a washable one) your air filter regularly. Bonus tip: Write the date on your filter when you install a new one. This way, there will be no doubt as to when you changed it last!

3. Prepare Your Snowblower. The time to discover that your snowblower is in need of repairs is not when you’re faced with several inches of white stuff on the ground! Start it up now, change the oil, replace the spark plug, inflate tires, and spray the discharge chute with silicone to keep it from clogging.

I will post the next 3 next time, keep your eyes out for it! As always if anyone would like to have a question answered on our blog please feel free to email me at Bianca@liknewfloors.com

Blog soon,