Company is Coming!

Hello all!

Many of you willl no doubt be inviting over family and friends over the next month or two. We all take care to to tidy up our homes, make yummy foods, and treats… but something still isnt right… having a dirty carpet, area rug, or tile floor just won’t do!

So, instead of trying to hide spots by rearranging your furniture, call us to take care of those pesky spots! We have all the tools and products to get your carpet looking like new.

Here are some things to keep in mind before we come to clean:

1. Clear your floors of small objects like toys, books, lamps, trashcans ect. We reccomend moving these items so they won’t be damaged.

2. Make a note of any areas that need special attention. This way we can give those areas some extra TLC.

3. We love seeing your pets, but for their safety its best to keep them in another room. Our equipment can be noisy, so nervous animals will be much happier to be away from it.

If you can’t find time to have your floors cleaned before company comes, we’ll be happy to visit you after. It’s a great way to clean any spills that may happen during their visit. You could see some great results just like these customers did. Check out their before and afters! Keep in mind we also offer cleaning and polishing services for marble and granite.