Cleaning your Marble & Granite - Part 1

Let’s be honest, marble and granite are not cheap! So whats the best way to protect your investment?

Two things are very important – Prevention and Routine Maintenance

In order to ‘prevent’ scuffing, etching and scratches in your floors, we recommend that you leave your shoes at the door. Any dirt or sand that may be stuck in the treads of our shoes can be the perfect grit to ruin the beautiful shine of natural stone. Ladies… we all love our gorgeous high heels, but alas, these too are bad for our floors. Another area of consideration is our furniture, especially our dining room chairs, or any piece that moves around our floors frequently. Try putting felt pads on the bottom, you can pick them up at any housewares store in your area.

What about our counters? Avoid or ‘prevent’ staining by wiping any spills as soon as possible. Keep coasters close by, even water can stain your natural stone. Avoid putting any wet glasses on your counters. If you have any stone in your bathrooms, avoid leaving makeup and shaving products on the vanity. And lastly, again ladies… as much as we love to have our nails done, please don’t use nail polish or remover over the counters. The chemicals are very harsh and can leave lasting damage.

Check back next week for part 2 – Routine Maintenance

– Bianca