Should you consider adding carpet protector?

Whether you use our carpet cleaning service or not, you may have heard the technician talking to you about carpet protector to your cleaning, but is this really important?

Here’s an example of what could happen.

So you purchased your new carpet about 2 years ago, and now you think it looks about ready to be cleaned, you call your local carpet cleaner, and about a year after the cleaning your carpet looks dirty again, how can this be? It lasted 2 years before? The answer is simple really, new carpet is treated with soil resistant carpet protector. After about 2 years that protector begins to wear off in your high traffic areas.

Having the professional cleaning done didn’t cause the carpet to become dirty faster, rather the protector was longer there to prevent the need for more frequent cleanings.

Keep in mind though that regardless of whether your carpet visually looks clean you should have your carpets professionally cleaned at the minimum of once per year. You should be sure to check your carpets warranty and have carpets cleaned accordingly to prevent voiding the warranty.