Is you carpet Soil or Stain Resistant?

You may be asking…. What’s the difference?

Let’s break it down, and in the process you will see if you carpet is really protected.

Stain Resistance – The reason your carpet gets dirty in the first place is because the carpet fibers are catching whatever dirt, and dyes are being spilled on the carpet. Stain Resistance occurs when the carpet is being processed and acid dye blockers are added to the fibers, basically filling the fibers before you spill anything. There’s no where for the dye to attach itself to your carpet. This stain resistance is not a coating, and generally does not wear off from regular use of your carpet. However, the using improper cleaning products and have an effect, so consult your carpets manufacturer for correct cleaning procedure.

Soil Resistance – Products that fall under this category would be your carpet protectors, which are a coating on the carpet fibers. This type of coating can be worn off by normal foot traffic and should be reapplied after a certain period of time. This can also serve as additional protection for carpet that is already stain resistant.

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