Carpet Warranties

If you own a carpet, it’s very important that you read the fine print with regards to the warranty of the carpet. Many times your carpet warranty can be voided if you fail to comply with the warranty conditions. To help get a better understanding with this I’m going to share a well known carpet companies general warranty conditions with you all.

Know which warranties apply to your particular carpet.
Keep proof of purchase.
Have your carpets installed by a professional installer.
Install your carpet with a cushion meeting the specifications or the warranted carpet.
Maintain your carpet according to the carpet companies requirements. (this particular company requires that you have a professional clean your carpets every 18 months using cleaning products, equipment, system and services.
Only clean your carpet with cleaners specified with a CRI Seal of Approval.
Make sure to follow these conditions so that your carpet warranty is not voided. Remember to call us and we can give your carpets the cleaning that they need.