Why Winter is a Great Time to Clean Carpet

So you may be thinking, “there’s no way winter could be a good time to have my carpets cleaned”. Most people think the same way. But the reality is, its a great time to get them cleaned. Here is a couple reasons why.

1. Drying time

The air in the winter is very dry, which means the drying time for carpets is much shorter too. So you don’t have to walk on tip toes as long either.

2. Carpet stays cleaner longer.

Here’s why. During Spring & Summer, sometimes even Fall, we keep our windows open letting in the fresh air. But we are also letting in dust, pollens, and pollutants. These things get caught in your carpet and as winter comes along we shut the windows trapping all that in the house with us! So cleaning in the winter gets rid of all that nasty stuff.

3. Healthy indoor air

We are in our houses more during winter than any other season. having clean carpets to filter the air makes breathing easier.

So if you have some carpets that may need some cleaning give us call today to set up an evaluation. We look forward to hearing from all of you!