Watch Out For Spots And Stains

Hot chocolate, apple cider, pumpkin coffee. These are only some of the many drinks that we enjoy this time of the year. According to a study done by IICRC ( Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) for at least two-thirds of American residences this autumn and winter time means more spots and stains on their precious carpets. The top six spots and stains are: chocolate, punch, grease, wine, candle wax and vomit. Got a stain or spot? Try these three steps to get a quick fix.

  1. Blot the sot or stain with an absorbent towel to remove liquid or material.
  2. Dilute the spot or stain with water, which is safe to use on most fabrics.
  3. Blot the spot or stain again to remove any excess water. After treating the spot, cover it with folded towel and place a heavy object over it to help absorb any more liquid.

Following these steps you will be able to treat the spots and stains that you might have as well as become familiar with it for these upcoming months. For a more thorough and deep clean we can help you out. Feel free to call us at 413-596-5404 and we will be more than happy to give you the most thorough carpet cleaning.