Two Things to Ask Your Carpet Cleaner

So here at Absolute Best we look out for our customers, that is why we always provide you with information about choosing a cleaning company that isnt just after your money! So today we wanted to share with you 2 things you should ask your carpet cleaning company before they clean.

1. How do you handle Pet accidents in carpets?

Why is this important, you may ask. Well most companies just use a disenfectant or deordorizer, but guess what? That does not take care of the problem! To fully remove the urine, an enzyme must be used. Without it, the urine never really goes away, in some cases we can find it years later using a moisture meter. We here in New England know that our summers get humid, well, sorry to say but, if that urine is still there it will start to smell when reactivated by the humidity.

Whats the difference between the enzyme and the disenfectant? – Another great question! The disenfectant simply kills the bacteria that feeds on hte urine, but the urine is still there! When the enzyme, on the other hand, comes into contact with the urine it breaks it down.

Anything I can do myself? – There sure is! You can pick up Nature’s Miracle at your local pet store. Apply it liberally, repeat if necessary. If you need help, we can deep treat your carpets and the remove the urine. With wall to wall carpet its hard for you to know whats underneath, so call us. We can use black lights and moisture metters to detect where the affected areas are.

2. Are you Certified?

Certified by whom? – The IICRC.

Who is the IICRC? The IICRC is a non-profit certifying and standard setting orgainization dedicated to raising industry standards through technical proficiency. By Administering a strict process of certification, the IICRC provides a means through which consumers can recieve the highest quality of service from trained, knowledgable, professional technicains.

Why should you use a certified technician? – Simply put, only a trained, certified technicain will deliver results you can trust! So go ahead and ask. You can even look for the logo seen below to verify that they are certified!