Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs come from exotic places and can be very expensive. So its best to learn what is the best way to take care of your precious oriental rugs.

Vacuum regularly so that dirt won’t filter down in the pile. Never vacuum the fringe of the rug because it is very delicate. Use a broom and be gentle.
Once a year rotate the rug to minimize wear and sunlight damage.
Make sure to clean up spills quickly. Do not use any harsh chemicals. Blot, rinse it with cold water and dry.
Clean up urine before it dries. Quickly rinse it with cold water.
Don’t place potted plants on the rug.
Once every 2-4 years have your rug cleaned by a professional.
If you follow these guidelines then you will enjoy many years with your oriental rug. We can help you keep your oriental rugs in pristine conditions. Give a call today at 413-596-5404!