• Alexandra Dodge
    Alexandra Dodge

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 month ago

    We were referred to Absolute Best by a local flooring store we have worked with and were very pleased by the service. The day I called, I spoke to the owner of the company and he got us set-up for the exact date we needed (prior to our move). The price was great, the service was thorough, and everyone we encountered from the company was professional and courteous. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them or use their services again.

    Marc Greenberg
    Marc Greenberg

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 4 months ago

    I did my homework and researched this company for carpet cleaning. The reviews were positive and have very complimentary of Ron and his team.

    He was quick to respond to my voice message and give a quote based on the square footage (the bill was less due to the physical measurements being less than the approximated square footage)

    I hired the company for carpet cleaning of all the carpet in my home and I am glad that the reviews were spot on.

    Ron is thorough and passionate about his work. He took the time and focus to make sure the carpet was thoroughly cleaned. He explained what he was doing to get rid the badly soiled area.

    The house is being sold and I was very concerned about the carpet condition, I was amazed at how clean they turned out! Ron and his team did an amazing job and I highly recommended Absolute Best Tile and Carpet Cleaning.

    Thank you Ron and your team for a job well done.

    Jane Gallagher
    Jane Gallagher

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 month ago

    I highly recommend absolute best carpet. They did a great job cleaning all my carpets. They were timely , neat and very knowledgeable. I will be using them in the future!

  • Hello, November!

    Hello All,

    November is here, and it started with a very windy weekend! I had to trudge through all the leaves to get to my car this morning. Hopefully none of you had raked already, becasue I’m sure the leaves were all blown back.

    Well I will get right into the rest of the list from my last blog. Here are the last 3.

    Clean the chimney. We all enjoy sitting by a warm fire on a cold night, but a dirty chimney is a serious fire and carbon monoxide hazard. Call a professional to give your chimney a thorough inspection and a good scrubbing to get rid of the built-up soot. Have an electric heater? Give it a good dusting before turning it on.
    Bring in the lawn furniture. Even though there may be a few dog days of summer left, it’s a good idea to bring in the outdoor furniture and seat cushions. Wash furniture before you store it (a bucket with soapy water, thick sponge, and a quick rinse with the garden hose should do the trick). This helps get rid of summer dirt and bugs.
    Clean the gutters. Remove all those dead leaves to prevent clogs when the wetter, colder weather comes in. Otherwise your drains will overflow and result in heavy ice buildup, which can sometimes damage gutters.
    ​Keep your eyes out for the next blog, I’ll be sharing some tips on keeping yoru carpets from losing color!

    Stay warm,
    Absolute Best Team Member