Final Part - Are your dirty carpet making you sick?

7) Color Loss The damage caused by by dirt grinding your carpets, dirt building up and oxidizing with your carpet and the damage left behind by “filtration” soiling can fade the color of carpet. Even after cleaning you could be left with grayish, shaded, faded traffic lanes, and color loss around the edges of your carpet, and color change caused by dirt bonding with your carpet. This damage cannot be repaired, but it can be prevented!

8) A Voided Warranty The carpet manufacturers often require you to show proof that you have “hot water extracted” your carpet at least once a year and reapplied carpet protecter, or they will not honor their stain or wear warranties. The only method of cleaning they reccommend for deep cleaning is hot water extraction because it is the ONLY PROVEN METHOD to remove the deep down dirt in your carpet.

9) The huge expense of having to replace your carpet because it is now beyond help! By waiting too long or putting off cleaning your carpet your are damaging a very expensive invesment in your home. Carept is meant to last many, many years. You could have “like new” looking carpet for 10-20 years if you clean it regularly. Trying to save money on carpet cleaning will cost you tens times more in the long rum. Don’t let your expensive carpet be turned into a worthless rag!

So whats the moral of the story? Yes, you carpets can make you phyically sick, and drain all your hard earned money. All these things can be prevented! Just call us! We will explain how using hot water extraction for your carpet cleaning can make them as good as new.