Clean your Marble & Granite - Part 2

Routine Maintenance

The kitchen is the core of most homes, its where everyone gets together, talks about their days, the kids do their homework, ect. So its important that these surfaces be clean and germ free! How do you keep them clean?

Its all too common to hear the advice “Just use soap and water” or “Glass cleaner is fine.” Unfortunately this advice can actually damage or make your counters even dirtier. The soap can leave a film behind taking away the natural shine of the stone. Depending on the strength of the soap it can even damage the sealing, leading to staining which can become permanent. The same applies for the glass cleaner.

What you can clean with – Specialty cleaners that are formulated to deal with the delicate chemistry of natural stone. You should be able to buy these anywhere stone is sold. Just follow the directions on the bottle.