Are your Dirty Carpets making you sick?

Already half way through December… the time sure does fly by. Since the snow has already fallen once or twice, no doubt we have all salted and sanded our driveways and walkways, but what does that mean for your carpets?

Well, as mentioned in previous posts, leaving sand in carpet fibers for a long period of time can lead to fading and wearing that can’t be fixed. That’s not all, though, having dirty carpets can actually make you sick! Over the next couple of posts I will share with you 9 things you can expect from dirty carpets.

1) Aggravated allergies and asthma. You may be thinking…”Wouldn’t the carpet help with allergies? Doesn’t it trap the pollens and dander?” I can assure you that you are right! Carpet does keep the pollens, dander and dust out of our breatheing air by trapping it in the carpet fibers. However, that’s also the problem! Your carpet is just like an air filter… it needs regular cleaning. Once it gets overrun with these things it can’t filter anything out.

2) Something Smells. Ever walk into someone’s house and notice a funny smell, or unpleasent odor? Most likely they aren’t even aware of it becasue they have become used to it. Does that make you wonder if your home has a funny smell? Well, quite frankly, dirty carpet smells! For example, If we didn’t wash our colthes for a long time, they would start to smell a little funky, right? Once you clean them they smell fesh again! Same goes for your carpet, its colthing for your floor!

3) Embarrassment from Unexpected Guests. Friends drop by for a visit, you look at your carpet. the kids spilled something last week, you’re traffic lanes look dirty and matted, you’ve been meaning to get them cleaned but kept putting it off. “It’s not that bad… ok, it’s awful!” You blush with embarrassment, hoping they won’t notice. When they finally leave, you lean against the door and silently scream. Let’s face it, your home relfects on you. Having dirty carpets isn’t something anyone wants to be known for.

Next monday I’ll post the next 3 points. But in the meantime, what can you do to prevent these scenarios? Call us today to find out!