Are your dirty carpets making you sick? - Part 2

Part #2

4) Worn traffic lanes that cannot be restored. Dirt in your carpet acts like sandpaper to glass. It grinds away the life of your carpet, reducing it to the little bits of fuzz that fill up your vacuum. Most of the dirt is in your traffic lanes, cuasing the damage there. Once the carpet has been worn dowm by constant abuse, it cannot be recovered. We can clean it but it will never look like new again. Don’t wait till that happens.

5) Permanent “ground in dirt”. This is very similar to waer caused by dirt. It is possible to allow the dirt to build up to a point where it will NOT come up. In some cases the dirt bonds with the carpet through oxidation. The result is permanent dirt in your carpet. It is very difficult to save your carpet when you have allowed so much dirt to build up that it cannot be removed.

6) Black soiling lines around walls and under doors. These soiling lines around the edge of your carpet are caused by your carpet filtering out your air. In time you get a build up around the edge of your carpet, which is where the air travels in your homes. If left untreated you will eventually get black “soil” lines all around your home which are very difficult to remove.